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Harvey to dump a year's worth of rain
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It’s Friday, and here are five things to know for your New Day.

1. Harvey

THE SCALE: The sheer scale of the disaster that’s unfolding in Houston and other parts of Texas right now defies imagination. One weather analyst says Harvey has already dumped 11 trillion gallons of rain on the state. There’s already been 2,000 rescues in Houston alone. Sixty-two counties are under a disaster declaration. And the saddest number of all – two people are dead, but that number will surely rise.

THE LATEST: Four people have died in the slow-motion disaster that is Harvey, but that number could rise as flooding continues to worsen in Houston and throughout southeast Texas. Harvey, which has barely moved since slamming Texas on Saturday as a Category 4 hurricane, is still a tropical storm. It’s slipped back into the Gulf, and the National Weather Service predicts it will make landfall again midday Wednesday near the Texas-Louisiana border. Houston’s already gotten 25 inches of rain in two days. Another 25 inches could fall by the weekend. Swollen rivers and creeks in east Texas won’t crest until later this week.

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Wind isn't the biggest worry during a hurricane

2. Tax reform

North Korea took its missile tests to a whole new level early this morning when it fired one over Japan. The unidentified missile flew over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido and broke into pieces over the Pacific. The launch set off warnings in the northern part of Japan, and people were urged to seek shelter. South Korea responded with a bombing drill to test its ability to “destroy the North Korean leadership.” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Trump talked about it on the phone and agreed the UN Security Council needs to get involved.

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Samsung chief gets 5 years in prison

3. Sanctuary cities

President Donald Trump’s attorney reached out to the Kremlin for assistance in building a Trump Tower in Moscow well into the business mogul’s presidential campaign, the attorney said, adding that he discussed the project with Trump three times. The attorney, Michael Cohen, denied that the project was related “in any way” to Trump’s campaign, though the developments appear to contradict Trump’s vehement denials of any such business connections to Russia in the past. Previous reports have indicated that efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow were underway during the presidential campaign in 2015, but it had not been reported that those efforts continued into 2016.

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How executions go wrong

4. Russia investigation

It was a deadly weekend in the Alps. Seven climbers fell to their deaths in two separate incidents. Five died after falling 1,000 feet in the Austrian Alps. Two other climbers – a man and woman who were part of a group that was roped together – died in the Italian Alps.

President Trump continues his drive to be the “law-and-order” President. He’s lifted a ban on military gear for local police. It was President Obama who stopped police from getting military equipment like armored vehicles, grenade launchers and camouflage uniforms in 2015 over concerns about the “militarization” of the police response to unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Raising debt ceiling is not a license to spend

5. Frankfurt evacuation

He may be one of Germany’s worst serial killers. Niels Hoegel is already serving a life sentence after he was convicted of killing six people while working as a nurse. Now, authorities think Hoegel may have killed 84 other people. As part of the investigation, they exhumed the bodies of former patients at clinics where Hoegel worked in northwest Germany. Hoegel, 40, has admitted to injecting patients with a drug that stopped their hearts so he could get a euphoric feeling from reviving them.

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Why Amazon is buying Whole Foods


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