Logan Browning wants to represent
Logan Browning wants to represent


    Logan Browning wants to represent


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As Told By Her: Logan Browning

Updated 3:39 PM ET, Tue August 29, 2017

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(CNN)"I have a lot of work to do and every time I step on to a set, I just want it to be a learning experience and to get better."

    Logan Browning isn't a household name yet — unless your house is awesome, cool, and has watched Netflix's "Dear White People." But she has all the makings to be one in the future. The 28-year-old delivers a knock-out performance as embattled university radio host Samantha White on the series, which explores race and identity on a fictional college campus. Browning's character and "Dear White People" as a whole speak to a generation of TV viewers that expect more from their entertainment -- because it's no longer (nor was it ever, really) good enough to have a person of color play backup to a white protagonist and call it representation. As Hollywood continues to answer the call for more inclusive stories, the industry should have newcomer Browning on speed dial.
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