Here are the most controversial moves Trump made this month

(CNN)CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin on Thursday listed the controversial moves that President Donald Trump made this past month, which has been one of the most tumultuous in recent White House history.

"It has been a chaotic four weeks even by these White House standards," said Baldwin, speaking on CNN's "Newsroom." "Lets all just take a moment to remind you of what has happened, incredibly significant events one after the other."
About a minute into reading the list on air, the CNN anchor paused to take a drink of water, noting its length.
"Sorry, this is long," she remarked.
    Here's the list of Trump's most controversial moves:
    Fires Reince Priebus
    Hires John Kelly
    Hires "The Mooch"
    Fires "The Mooch"
    Hires fourth communications director
    Publicly shames AG Sessions
    "Repeal and replace" fails
    Shames Republicans who voted against it
    Tweets transgender military ban
    Gets political in Boy Scout speech
    Makes up Boy Scout leader call
    Makes up Mexican President call
    Thanks Putin for expelling Americans
    Begrudgingly signs Russia sanctions, then blasts Congress for it
    Condemns, then endorses anonymous White House leaks
    Encourages cops to rough up suspects
    Publicly shames Mitch McConnell
    Embraces unpassable immigration plan
    Threatens North Korea with nukes
    Tells Guam it'll help tourism
    Bannon says no military option
    Threatens Venezuela
    Blames "both sides" in Charlottesville
    Denounces white supremacists
    Back to blaming both sides
    Says "fine people" at Nazi rally
    Shames CEOs who ditch business councils
    Two business councils disband
    Retweets right-wing conspiracy theorist
    Considers Sheriff Arpaio pardon
    Promotes his Charlottesville winery
    Pushes myth during terror attack
    Receives condemnations from:
    The last two Republican Presidents
    World leaders
    His own staff
    And the Pope.