Bill Maher on Trump's presidency

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    On GPS: Maher explains Trump's appeal


On GPS: Maher explains Trump's appeal 01:38

Story highlights

  • Maher thought Trump "would crash the stock market"
  • Comedian says racism is part of Trump's appeal

(CNN)Bill Maher says he got it wrong.

The comedian predicted the stock market would crash if Donald Trump won the presidency but Wall Street has recently reached new record highs.
"I was wrong that the stock market hates volatility and uncertainty, and who is more volatile than Donald Trump? But I guess I underestimated their greed, because they still want their tax cut," he said.
    Maher told CNN's Fareed Zakaria he hoped the market would still crash, "because that's one thing that would maybe lose him a lot of support in the Republican Party."
    He said he isn't surprised at Trump's high support amongst GOP voters, describing it as an "almost protest vote."
    "There is a certain percentage of people who are, I think, racist and that's part of his appeal."
    "The Republicans have been playing that game since Nixon and the Southern strategy and Reagan opening his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. That's been going on a long time, but he just did it in a much more blatant way. So he can't deny that that's part of it."
    Maher said there were many voters who were "gettable" by the Democrats but "they're just not good at politics."
    "The Russia story is a great example. How can they not make that stick?"
    He described the Democratic Party as "humorless" and too politically correct.
    In contrast, Trump voters love the fact he's politically incorrect.
    "Even though they know he's bad in a lot of ways, they would rather be on his team than those insufferable people on the left," Maher said.