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Taylor Swift in 90 seconds
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The neon letters grab your attention from a block away. Stuck to the glass window of a Denver office building, the Post-it Notes spelled out “Fearless” on Friday morning.

The word – a reference to Taylor Swift’s second album, which had hits like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” – shows fans’ dedication to the singer-songwriter.

Women have been sticking the messages to their office windows all week. They work directly across the street from the courthouse where Swift’s trial is being held.

Fearless Taylor Swift sign Denver trial

The lawsuit centers around Swift’s claims that David Mueller, a former morning show host for CNN affiliate KYGO, inappropriately touched her during a 2013 meet-and-greet in Denver.

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“We think that what she’s doing is really brave and we want to show our support,” Carly Chapple, the woman behind the sticky notes, told CNN. “She’s standing up for herself and for what is right.”

What Chapple didn’t expect, however, was the positivity she’d get from Swifties.

“There’s Taylor Swift fans all over the world who are connecting with us,” she said.

‘Free Tay’

Chapple, 27, works at Craftsy, a company offering online classes in all sorts of crafty things, from quilting to cake decorating. So it’s no wonder that she had a crafty idea in mind to show her support for Swift.

Taylor Swift

The customer service supervisor was alone in her office early Tuesday morning, the day Swift’s trial began. Sitting at her desk next to the window, an idea popped into her head.

She saw a pack of Post-it Notes nearby and, on a whim, decided to stick them on the office window.

“FREE TAY!” she spelled out in large, hot pink letters.

Free Tay sign Denver

As fans lined up early outside the courthouse in hopes of getting a peek at the singer, they saw the positive words of support.

“We work right across from the courthouse, and normally we don’t get a lot of exciting cases over there,” Chapple said.

Quickly, other crafty employees got on board with the message mission.

They’re big fans of the pop sensation. Chapple said her artsy coworkers are always playing Swift’s music, especially her latest album, “1989.”

‘Haterz gonna hate’

By Wednesday, filling the blank space in the window had become an office-wide campaign.

The crafters got their juices flowing as more and more employees suggested words to put on the window.

They posted “HATERZ GONNA HATE,’ a clear reference to Swift’s song “Shake It Off.” She sings, “And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate” in the chorus of the hit single.

Haterz gonna hate Taylor Swift sign

Chapple, an avid quilter and knitter, was happy to have input from her fellow artists.

We’re a team of smart intelligent women supporting smart intelligent women,” Chapple said. “We’re artists and makers ourselves.”

And it’s not just women. Chapple said the men of Craftsy are loving the plan, too.

‘I knew you were trouble’

01 taylor swift cour sketch 0810

As Swift herself took the stand Thursday, sparks were flying across the street.

Her artsy fans came up with a new phrase. They wrote “I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE” in yellow, a clear nod to the “1989” song of the same name, above a display of colorful yarn.

I knew you were trouble Taylor Swift sign

The next day – and three packs of Post-it Notes later – they spelled out “FEARLESS,” referencing both Swift’s second album and a song of the same name.

And the messages won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Chapple said the group of women already has plans for phrases throughout the rest of the trial.

Will there be “Bad Blood” in Denver? Will they be “Out of the Woods” when the trial ends?

Chapple said she’s not telling.