KFile research: Trump pick Sam Clovis in his own words on the radio and in blogs

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April 2012 in blog post: Clovis writes that President Obama could have "fabricated" his biography to create a narrative of "racial oppression." Clovis then questions why Obama did not "'correct'" a literary biography that claimed he was born in Kenya for a decade (the literary agent said she made the error on her own with no information from Obama, who was then working on a book). Clovis then says the media might be giving Obama a pass on his record because he's black.
"We are finding out that the narrative outlined in his Dreams from My Father is at best a composite of his real life, much like the literary license taken by screenwriters when they bring a biography to the screen. At worst, it is a total fabrication that is focused on shaping a narrative based on racial oppression and awakening that probably is only manifested through his play acting. We know so little about his early life, over which, to be fair, he had little control. However, beginning with his teen years, we find a person who indulged in self-destructive behavior. Further, he was directly influenced by a devout communist and pedophile in the personage of Frank Marshall Davis. How profound that influence might have been is certainly open for speculation, but it is clear that the Obama who went on to Occidental (how he got in is a mystery, as are his admittances to Columbia and Harvard) was a young man who was well on his way to crafting the illusion that was quite different from his real life. For over a decade, Obama allowed his publisher to carry a biography that had him born in Kenya. Only after beginning his pursuit of public office did he "correct" the entry. Why have his associations with Ayers, Dorhn, Flager, Farrakhan, Rezko and Wright been coated over with the dismissive hand of the main stream media? Why has a person who has become pathological in his prevarications been given a pass by those who are most affected by his ill-guided policies? Why has his clear narcissism been assuaged by those who seek his favor? Why have the American people not been exposed to his incredible flaws? Could it be that the first African-American president is being given a pass because he is Black? How incredibly racist is that? The logical conclusion is that because he is Black, he cannot help himself. This kind of thinking is the absolutely worst. Of course, the real racists in America are those who, unfortunately, make that connection."
    June 2013 on WHO Radio with Jan Mickelson: Clovis said the term "climate change" was a "nonsensical" aim by progressives to give the impression that they can create uniform "perfect weather" worldwide.
    "I just really am astounded," Clovis said. "I'm so skeptical on all of this because the science is --people -- a lot of people out there including our friend, know your buddy, Al Gore keeps saying this is settled science. I'm not sure this is settled science. I'm not sure that we're really looking at anything understanding -- what we have to examine is how the language changes and when you start to go away from 'global warming' to 'climate change' this goes right into the heart of progressive thinking because what it says -- or what the implication is -- is that somehow the progressives are going to figure out a way to create the ideal climate in all regions of the earth. And so how nonsensical is that? If you follow that logic to its logical conclusion, that's the conclusion in which you arrive...is that there is some perfect weather or some perfect climate that we will have for everyone -- everyone will thrive."
    September 2013 on WHO Radio with Jan Mickelson: Clovis says then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is mentally ill.
    Mickelson: The Tea Party doesn't believe in government.
    Clovis: I mean, oh my word.
    Mickelson: You're a bunch of anarchists.
    Clovis: That's delusional. I'll just say that. I think he's mentally ill. Anybody that thinks that, how uninformed is that? This is the leader of the United States Senate. How uninformed is he? Oh my word.
    May 2013 on Impact with Sam Clovis: Clovis calls Pelosi "the Batwoman of Alcatraz."
    "This is another wack job thing from the Batwoman of Alcatraz, Nancy Pelosi... But the article that Ron has up deals with Nancy Pelosi talking about the fact that the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is the reason the deficit has come down. I'll let that sink in. Now think about that. No, you can't think about it because there's no way a rational human being can make that connection. OK, let me get this straight, the Affordable Care Act, which has raised premiums for everybody all over the country, that means the cost of healthcare going up, that means therefore what we pay out in spending and this is going to go up, so that has helped reduce the deficit of the United States government? I don't know the connection. I can't even begin to tell you economically how that works. I may not be bright enough. I may not be smart enough to figure that out. I'm sure she's so bright; she's so smart she can do that."
    May 2013 on Impact with Sam Clovis: Clovis says Pelosi is "nuts" and "something's happened to her brain."
    "I thought one of the great things I saw the other day - and I must admit I thought it was humorous - was when the picture of Pelosi in 1958 came out when she was Miss Lube Rack. And I don't know where she was from, but she was a very attractive woman, and she's kept herself together pretty well, but I'm going to tell you something's happened to her brain. That's right, she was from Baltimore, and her husband is, too, right? I think her husband's big money from there. He was a real estate guy or whatever, so she married into money and then moved to San Francisco to live in one of the toniest parts of town. That's her district where she runs about a 65 percent winning rate overall the things she does there. I just found it humorous. And I'm telling you she's nuts. I mean she's nuts."
    May 2013 on Impact with Clovis: Clovis calls Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg "a nutjob" for comments she made during a speech to the University of Chicago where she said "unelected old men" ruling on Roe v. Wade could have stopped the trend in the country toward liberalizing abortion laws.
    "So we've contradicted Roe v. Wade. And then we have this nutjob Ginsburg out here talking about the fact that unelected white guys were the ones that ruled on Roe v Wade. I don't get what her point is. Would she have done something differently? Would she have come up with some other imaginative, creative fashion of review on Roe V. Wade 40 years ago to come up with some, uh you know."
    April 2012 in a blog post: Clovis labels former Attorney General Eric Holder "a racist bigot."
    "In recent weeks, much has been written and discussed concerning our current Attorney General Eric Holder," writes Clovis. "Let's be clear, as our president is so fond of saying, that this attorney general may be the most corrupt and incompetent person to hold the job since the Nixon administration. He is a racist bigot who cannot see beyond his own hateful, willful and despicable world view. As such, his administration of his duties hurts all Americans and makes us all much less safe. He is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer in the United States, defending the Constitution and all the laws of the land, but he is selective in what he does or has his people do and appears to have no intention of supporting the Constitution."
    May 2013 on Impact with Sam Clovis: Clovis labels then-Attorney General Eric Holder "a racist black," then-Labor Secretary Tom Perez "a racist latino" and calls Federal Housing Finance Agency nominee Mel Watts and an "irresponsible racist" and "outrageously racist."
    "On the record of his public pronouncements alone, Mr. Watt is unfit to hold any federal office given that the FHFA has over sided Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the corrupt government corporations at the center of the 2008 financial crisis. This nomination is particularly worrisome." This goes right in line with Tom Perez who is a racist Latino and goes to (inaudible) who is a racist Latino, Eric Holder who is a racist black, he got appointed against racist white people other than they don't hire any people of color in the White House so it's kind of an ironic twist there. This is really an incredibly bad situation for the President because—I don't know whether he does this on purpose because these people are so controversial and they're so bad and many of them have ties to so many corrupt situations, you wonder if this isn't on purpose, that he doesn't float these people up to take our eye off the ball and so this is really, I think, one of those things and that's really behind it that's so terrible. Watt is one who has been outrageously racist in his comments, he is very much a person—here is who he's tied to."
    April 2013 on Impact with Clovis: Clovis labeled former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis a "socialist."
    "And he has come under incredible scrutiny at the Senate level for his confirmation because this man -- if you think Hilda Solis is a socialist, and she is by the way, she's an avowed socialist, Hilda Solis, the former Secretary of Labor. This guy makes Hilda Solis look like a John Birch-er. So I just thought I'd throw that out there, just to let you know how things are going. Jim, how are you today?"
    August 2012 on Serious Civics: Clovis labeled White House staffers Anita Dunn, Van Jones, and Robert Bauer followers of Mao (Dunn once said in a speech that Mao was one of her favorite philosophers, but claimed a quote she shared was from Lee Atwater). Clovis falsely claims Van Jones has a prison record (Jones was arrested a number of times protesting, but never served time in prison).
    "Those are some of the people that we know that are around him. Some of there are others that are happen to be around the President the United States as well," said Clovis. "Anita Dunn, former communications director, who in a public speech said that Mao was her favorite philosopher. None other than Van Jones, the green jobs person, who we know was a person that very much believed in Mao and became ... Even though he had a prison record found his way into the White House. Robert Bauer, Anita Dunn's husband, chief counsel to the president, is an avowed Maoist."
    May 2013 on Serious Civics: Clovis labels Jones a communist (Jones says he is not a communist).
    "You know, you have Van Jones an