Two arrested in connection with European egg contamination scandal

Dutch poultry farmers throw out eggs potentially contaminated by the insecticide Fipronil earlier this month.

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  • Millions of eggs have been taken off European shelves since mid-July
  • Belgium's agriculture minister says Dutch authorities should have come forward sooner

(CNN)Two people have been arrested in connection with the latest food scandal to hit Europe, Dutch prosecutors said.

On Thursday, Dutch police arrested two individuals they say could be accountable for allowing the insecticide Fipronil to be used inside Dutch poultry farms, causing millions of potentially contaminated eggs to be taken off European shelves.
A joint Dutch-Belgian task force conducted raids at eight poultry farms in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch prosecution service.
    The investigation "focused on the Dutch company that allegedly used Fipronil, a Belgian supplier as well as a Dutch company that colluded with the Belgian supplier," according to the prosecutor.
    Prosecutors believe the toxic insecticide was used to control blood lice, a common pest found in hens living inside chicken coops. The suspects were arrested on suspicion of endangering public health, according to the Dutch authorities.
    The investigation began in mid-July after Fipronil was found in quantities of Dutch exported eggs in many European countries.
    The European Commission said it only learned about the contamination in late July after receiving an official notification from Belgium.
    But on Wednesday, Belgian Agricultural Minister Denis