Want to attend the Taylor Swift lawsuit trial? Follow these rules

Taylor Swift alleges DJ groped her
Taylor Swift alleges DJ groped her


    Taylor Swift alleges DJ groped her


Taylor Swift alleges DJ groped her 01:46

Denver (CNN)Tens of millions of fans follow almost every public detail of Taylor Swift's life. But only 32 of them might get to see the pop star's highly publicized trial.

Swift is in Denver this week for a civil case involving former disc jockey David Mueller, who Swift accused of "reaching under her dress and grabbing her bottom" while posing for a 2013 photo. But Mueller has denied the accusations and sued the multimillionaire singer for the loss of his job.
For those wanting to watch the courtroom drama unfold live, here's what you need to know:
-- 32 seats will be designated for members of the public in the courtroom at the Alford A. Arraj federal courthouse.
    -- Another 75 members of the public can watch a closed-circuit TV feed of the proceedings from an overflow part of the courthouse.
    -- Those wanting to watch must get a pass to secure a seat in the courtroom or in the public overflow area. Separate passes for courtroom and overflow area will be issued for both the morning and afternoon sessions of each trial day.
    -- Members of the public can line up for passes at the courthouse each day. Passes for both the morning and afternoon court sessions will be distributed at about 7 a.m. Those who get a pass for the afternoon session can return to the pass line starting at 11:30 a.m. on that particular day.
    -- Pass holders will be forbidden to bring any kind of electronic device into the courtroom or the overflow area. That means no cell phones, no laptops and no tablets. Cell phones can be checked and left at the courthouse entrance.
    -- No signs or banners will be allowed in the courthouse.
    -- Any violation of these rules, or violations or the judge's orders, will be grounds for removal and/or contempt of court.