The eagle, the lion and the dragon: Singapore's future in the age of Trump

Updated 8:21 PM ET, Tue August 8, 2017

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(CNN)Caught between an ascendent China and an increasingly unreliable United States, Singapore's diplomatic future is at the heart of a debate on who really calls the shots in Asia.

The Lion City has historically had strong relations with both countries, an ally in Asia for Washington during the Cold War and one of China's first partners in their efforts to modernize their economy.
Over the years Singapore has been very good at picking "the middle path" between the two superpowers, analysts tell CNN, balancing their positive relationships with both America and China.
But as new US President Donald Trump's attention drifts and Chinese leader Xi Jinping grows more powerful, Singapore finds itself in a tenuous position.
"If anyone can do this balancing act, Singapore can," Kerry Brown, director of the Lau China Institute at King's College London, told CNN.
"If Singapore can't, no one can."