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Published 11:11 AM ET, Mon August 7, 2017
hope somethings killing mehope somethings killing me
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Hope and her family and friends were preparing for her funeral when they discover a shocking secret.
Dr. Vincent Gilmer was described by those who knew him as a kind and generous man. So it was all the more shocking when he brutally murdered his father. His friends and coworkers said his behavior changed shortly before he committed the murder, but why?
Madison was a sweet, happy child living a normal life until, quite suddenly, she began having strange physical symptoms... then her personality changed. As doctors struggled to save her from this mysterious illness, halfway across the country another girl experienced nightmare symptoms of her own. Could they be connected?
When several patients die mysteriously at hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, authorities begin to investigate.
Three families suffer from a mysterious illness that causes an insomnia so extreme that it eventually causes death. Researchers race against the clock hoping to find a cure.
Patients in New York and Florida show up at hospitals with strange bacterial infections. CDC detectives are called in to trace the origins and soon discover they are dealing with something more sinister.