Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer posed for a photo with Boston Red Sox fans.

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Sean Spicer was spotted at Fenway Park before a Boston Red Sox game

Spicer resigned from his position as White House press secretary in July

CNN  — 

What’s Sean Spicer been up to since he left his White House lectern? Enjoying the great American pastime, apparently.

Sporting a navy blue polo and a camera-ready smile, Sean Spicer posed for a photo with Boston Red Sox fans before Saturday’s game against the Chicago White Sox.

Kevin O’Keefe, who works for the Red Sox marketing department, was showing half a dozen friends around Fenway Park when they noticed a man who resembled the former press secretary a few seats away.

Other fans started shouting “Sean!” so they realized it was indeed Spicer in the flesh.

Spicer was up on the “Green Monster” – the moniker given to the plastic-covered green wall in the ballpark’s left field. O’Keefe said he took photos with a number of fans.

Spicer calls himself a “wicked” Red Sox fan in his Twitter bio.

“He just seemed in a good mood. I think he was just having a nice day out in Boston with his family,” O’Keefe told CNN.

Spicer, who grew up in Rhode Island, is married with two kids. He reportedly now lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

He resigned from his role as White House press secretary last month, after President Donald Trump named a new communications director, who has also since resigned.

There was talk of Spicer joining Season 25 of “Dancing With the Stars,” but it seems he won’t be busting a move anytime soon.