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100 passengers trapped after cable car derails
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Dozens of people were left dangling high above the Rhine River when the wheels of a cable car came off their guiding line in Cologne, Germany.

More than 30 cable cars were in operation when the car’s wheels came away on Sunday evening. All cars were stopped before 65 affected passengers were rescued.

“Emergency services were sent to the scene and soon after arriving were able to ascertain that one of the cable cars on the left side Rhine pylon had come off the cable with its front wheels,” Christian Heinrich, Cologne’s Fire Department Spokesman, told CNN.

Dramatic photos from the scene show members of a team of over 150 emergency services personnel carrying passengers to safety.

Rainer Jensen/AP

Henriette Reker, Cologne’s Mayor, released a statement thanking the rescuers for their work.

“My thoughts were with the children and adults, who had to wait courageously and patiently for hours,” she said.