Christian man prays with Jerusalem Muslims as religious tensions flare

Nidal Aboud, a Christian, holds a Bible and prays beside Muslims in Jerusalem, where there recently have been clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians.

Story highlights

  • The prayers follow clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces
  • A CNN photo of the prayer has been widely shared on social media

Jerusalem (CNN)Nidal Aboud stood out as one among many. As the men around him bowed, he made the sign of the cross. As they chanted their prayers, he read the Bible to himself. And as they said "Allahu Akbar" -- God is greatest -- he stood silently and respectfully.

He was the only Christian among thousands of Muslims at Friday prayers in the Wadi el-Joz neighbourhood, outside the Old City of Jerusalem.
The photograph, taken by CNN, of this simple interfaith moment has been published in local media and widely shared on social network sites as a touching example of cooperation in a time of conflict.
    The prayers took place after Israel restricted access to Al-Aqsa mosque, which sits on the holiest site in the Old City, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as the Temple Mount.
    Israel installs security cameras as Jerusalem tensions build