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Forget “Snakes On a Plane” – it was bare feet on a plane that recently made one airline passenger cry out for help.

JetBlue passenger Jessie Char thought she hit the jackpot on her flight from Long Beach, California to her home in San Francisco when she had two open seats next to her.

But to her horror, a passenger sitting in the row behind her placed her bare feet on armrests in Char’s row.

“I had intentionally left the armrests on my row up so that I can enjoy my expansive bench in the sky,” Char joked with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360.” “But shortly after takeoff I noticed that one of the armrests kind of fell down. I thought it was a gravity situation, but when I looked over, I saw this serpentine set of toes willing out from the row behind me.”

Cooper, a frequent flyer, could relate, and expressed his disdain for naked feet 35,000 feet in the air.

“I was on a plane once when someone had the row at the front of the plane,” he said. “They had their feet up on the front so that everybody behind them could see their feet.

“I’ve even been on a plane when someone was clipping their toenails,” Cooper added.

Char told Cooper that she didn’t confront the passenger, but did reach out to the flight attendant.

“I waited for a flight attendant to come, but by the time somebody finally came over to me the feet kind of descended back from whence they came,” Char said.

But before they withdrew, the passenger behind her managed to perform some fancy footwork, Char said, “opening and closing the window shutter with their feet.”

“Noooooo,” Cooper exclaimed. “Come on!”

Since Char posted her images to social media, her story has gone viral, with thousands of retweets and likes.

From jokes to tips for next time, fellow fliers reacted to her ordeal on Twitter.

CNN has reached out to JetBlue for comment.