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Trump tests strength of new glass vial

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Trump was testing out a new glass vial

He easily broke the traditional model

Washington CNN —  

President Donald Trump displayed his physical prowess at the White House Thursday, while testing out a new glass vial that will be used to package pharmaceutical drugs – demonstrating, according to one CEO, the strength of a professional boxer.

While unveiling the new product made in America with damage tolerant glass, Trump was asked by Corning CEO Wendell Weeks to test out the current standard in glass vials compared to the new vial.

Trump easily broke the first, which was described as the traditional model currently being used across the pharmaceutical industry. The President was then asked to attempt to break the second vial – the Corning Valor Glass vial – which was made of the new glass product.

“Don’t be afraid to lean into it,” Weeks said as Trump began to test it.

Trump – with a very determined look on his face – grabbed the handle of the machine with both hands and tilted his body weight into it multiple times, with his face scrunching and turning a little red for a few moments before letting go with a beaming smile on his face.

“For those of you who don’t normally measure things in kilograms, the President just exerted about a thousand pounds of force and the important thing is that Valor Glass vial is still intact and protecting the vital ingredients inside,” Weeks told reporters in the Roosevelt Room.

Weeks added later in the spray that 1,000 pounds “is about the same” force as a “professional boxer” exerts in a punch.

“People never knew that about me,” quipped Trump.

Trump, while delivering remarks at the event, touted the companies involved in the initiative – including pharmaceutical giants Merck and Pfizer – for creating the glass in America, calling it a “big statement.”

“I know they wouldn’t have done it under another administration,” he said. “Eventually, the companies here today expect a total investment in this initiative to reach at least $4 billion and create some 4,000 American jobs. And it’s very innovative on top of it.”