Mother warns about dangers of exposing newborn to human contact

Nicole and Shane Sifrit welcomed daughter Mariana on July 1; a week later, the baby was fighting for life.

Story highlights

  • Baby Mariana was diagnosed with meningitis HSV-1, according to her mother
  • The condition is caused by the herpes virus
  • Parents should be careful during a child's first two months, a pediatrician warns

(CNN)Iowa newlyweds are clinging to hope as their nearly 3-week-old daughter fights for her life after contracting a deadly virus believed to be from a simple kiss.

Nicole and Shane Sifrit welcomed baby Mariana on July 1. A week later -- two hours after the couple's wedding -- they say they noticed that the girl was not eating and would not wake up when they tried to get her to respond.
"Within two hours, she had quit breathing, and all her organs just started to fail," Nicole Sifrit told CNN affiliate WHO.