This is what starvation looks like

By Jennifer Grubb, CNN

Published 6:58 PM ET, Sun July 16, 2017
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Abshivay Hussein Maalin, 13, suffers from malnutrition and lives at an internally displaced person camp in Baidoa, Somalia. At least 155,000 Somalis have been displaced from their homes because of drought and instability and are living in temporary huts in Baidoa. Courtesy Peter Caton for Mercy Corps
A 6-month-old is treated at Save the Children's stabilization center at the Borama Hospital in Somalia. Courtesy Save the Children
Hodan, a mother of five, holds her 2-year-old son in the town of Kiridh, Somalia. The boy went blind following illness as an infant and now suffers from severe malnutrition. The nearest hospital is several hours away. Courtesy Save the Children
At a CARE distribution center in Ethiopia, 60-year-old Kediya Shekeleh collects her monthly rations of split peas, wheat and oil. "This has been the worst drought I have seen in my lifetime," she says. Courtesy Josh Estey/CARE
Communities in northwest Kenya are lining the dilapidated roads with carcasses of dead animals in a symbolic cry for help. Courtesy World Vision
Families wait for malnourished children to be weighed and measured at a health clinic in Kenya. Courtesy Jon Warren/World Vision
A malnourished child eats therapeutic food in Nigeria as part of an appetite test, an important step in making sure a child is willing and able to eat in order to recover. Courtesy International Medical Corps
Adele Bol walked more than three hours with her 10-month-old daughter to reach a food distribution center in South Sudan. Bol has two other children who are as malnourished as her infant. "I haven't eaten in days, and that's why I don't have any breast milk to feed my daughter," she says. Courtesy Stefanie Glinski/World Vision
In a remote village in South Sudan, CARE conducts nutrition and vaccination outreach to help people displaced by conflict and flooding. Children were weighed and measured to determine malnourishment. Courtesy Josh Estey/CARE
Eight-year-old Falastine Mohamed Ahmed receives medical assistance at an International Rescue Committee-operated clinic in Somalia. Courtesy IRC
Women gather at the entrance to a camp in northeast Nigeria where more than 30,000 people have sought refuge from the violence of Boko Haram. Courtesy Pablo Tosco/Oxfam
A mother in Somalia holds her severely malnourished child. The woman almost lost her third child to starvation before International Medical Corps stepped in and brought the child to a nearby hospital. Courtesy International Medical Corps
Every morning in Somalia, Saîd burns his dead goats. He has walked more than 60 miles but still can't finding enough water and food for his livestock. Courtesy Stefanie Glinski/World Vision
A 15-month-old boy suffering from malnutrition and related complications was brought to a hospital in Somalia by his parents. Courtesy Tom Pilston/Save the Children
Twenty-month-old Musa is assessed for malnutrition in Yemen. He has since fully recovered with the help of International Medical Corps local First Responders. Courtesy International Medical Corps
Ten-year-old Nancy Ero shows her little sister's arm at a Save the Children health center in Kenya.
Courtesy Roland Leon/Save the Children
Rhama Ismail shares some water with her 1-year-old daughter in Somalia. "I just don't know how my daughter will grow up or if she will go to school," she says. "I am worried for her future." Courtesy Allan Gichigi/Oxfam