What to know about snortable chocolate

Snortable chocolate is being sold in the United States.

Story highlights

  • Coco Loko is a snortable chocolate powder marketed as a stimulant and stress reducer
  • Snorting the product could cause harm to the lungs, physician says

(CNN)"Snorting chocolate" has made waves among partygoers in Europe over the past couple of years. Now, it's arrived in the US in the form of Coco Loko, a new product marketed as a stimulant and stress reducer.

What is it?

Coco Loko is a snortable chocolate powder created by an Orlando, Florida-based company called Legal Lean. Nick Anderson, 29, founded the company and came up with the idea for the product.
    "You get a nice minor euphoric rush. You feel a calm energy and focus. You feel motivated to want to go out and dance or be social," Anderson said. "You feel yourself; you just feel a nice positive vibe and energy to you."
    Anderson says he was inspired after watching YouTube videos about people snorting chocolate in Europe. He sampled another product and felt that he should make his own.
    Coco Loko has been available for online retail for a month, and is slowly making its way into smoke and tobacco shops, Anderson said. It has sold about 2,000 units online for $24.99 each over the past couple weeks, he said. Anderson's goal is for it to be distributed across the United States, but available only to those over age 18. There is currently no age restriction on the product. When purchasing it on the website, a warning comes up that says the product is not recommended for children or pregnant women. Within the next month, they plan to put a label saying it's only for people over the age of 18, Anderson said.
    The product contains mostly raw cacao powder, along with common energy drink ingredients such as gingko biloba, taurine and guarana, Anderson said. Anderson did not consult with a medical expert when working on it, he said, and after the media stopped talking about the trend in Europe, he figured there weren't any health issues or major concerns.

    Are there health risks?

    Coco Loko's ingredients don't tend to cause many issues in humans when eaten, said Dr. Ryan Stanton, an emergency physician in Lexington, Kentucky, and spokesman for the American College of Emergency Phy