FBI Director nominee's financial disclosure form shows millions in income, investments

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  • Chris Wray is a former top Justice Department official in the Bush era
  • His confirmation hearing to be the next FBI director is on Wednesday

(CNN)A newly released financial disclosure form from Christopher Wray, President Donald Trump's nominee to head the FBI, shows he received a partnership share from his Atlanta law firm of $9.2 million.

The filing, an Office of Government Ethics 278 form which covers the current and previous calendar year, is typically submitted by executive branch personnel and also lists dozens of investments by Wray in American companies and funds in amounts of up to $1 million each.
Wray, a former top Justice Department official in the Bush era currently in private practice in Atlanta specializing in investigations related to corporations (such as white-collar criminal and regulatory enforcement), also reported additional payments for legal services from large banks and energy companies, as well as entities involved in significant litigation. Among them are Wells Fargo, Chevron and two online sports betting groups, FanDuel and DraftKings, that have paid out millions in regulatory crackdowns and are now undergoing a strongly-challenged merger attempt. No dollar amount was assigned to the payments.
    Wray also lists in this section payments from Credit Suisse and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- controversial clients that he described in a separate Senate judiciary committee questionnaire submitted last month -- as well as three "confidential clients" whose "names cannot be disclosed because they are subject to non-public investigations."
    The filing is signed by an ethics agency official, certifying that Wray is "in compliance with applicable laws and regulations."
    Wray also notes a mortgage on a personal residence from 2013 in an amount of $1 to $5 million.
    In the separate Senate questionnaire, Wray said he anticipated receiving a partnership distribution of $880,000 on July 17 "reflecting my partnership share for the month of June 2017."
    "Upon confirmation, I would immediately withdraw from the firm," Wray wrote in the Senate questionnaire.
    Wray's confirmation hearing before the Senate panel is scheduled for Wednesday morning.