Malala Yousafzai graduates high school and celebrates with her first tweet

Pakistan sentences 10 for Malala attack
Pakistan sentences 10 for Malala attack


    Pakistan sentences 10 for Malala attack


Pakistan sentences 10 for Malala attack 01:18

(CNN)Malala Yousafzai, a women's rights advocate recognized worldwide for speaking out against inequality, has picked up a new way of spreading her message.

The 19-year-old sent out her first tweet Friday morning.
The following thread from her account, @Malala, explained why she's tweeting now.
"Today is my last day of school and my first day on @Twitter," she wrote a couple minutes later.
    Yousafzai has spent years fighting for girls around the world to get to go to school. And after overcoming her own obstacles to get her education, Yousafzai is now a high school graduate.
    "Graduating from secondary school (high school) is bittersweet for me," she wrote. "I'm excited about my future, but I know that millions of girls around the world are out of school and may never get the opportunity to complete their education."
    Yousafzai's efforts fueled a global movement in October 2012, after Taliban gunmen boarded her school van in Pakistan and opened fire. They were targeting Yousafzai after she publicly encouraged girls to resist extremists and keep going to school.
    The shooting left her in critical condition, but the activist was able to continue her work after multiple operations and months of rehabilitation.
    She founded the Malala Fund to raise money for girls' education initiatives. And two years after she was shot, Yousafzai became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
    "Each girl's story is unique -- and girls' voices are our most powerful weapons in the fight for education and equality," she tweeted.