Man tries to kill wasps but sets off fireworks and destroys garage instead

Mike Tingley and his daughter watch firefighters put out his garage fire Monday evening.

Story highlights

  • A Michigan homeowner just wanted to get rid of the wasps in his garage
  • He ended up setting off an unintentional Fourth of July fireworks display

(CNN)It's perfectly reasonable to see a bug and feel the need to wipe it off the face of the earth with hellfire.

Actually setting a fire, though, is usually not part of the plan.
Mike Tingley from Grand Blanc Township, Michigan, presumably didn't intend to burn his stand-alone garage to the ground Monday night.
    His solution? Set off a smoke bomb inside the structure.
    It didn't go well.
    Soon after his DIY extermination attempt, a neighbor noticed flames coming out of the garage. By the time firefighters arrived, the building was completely engulfed.
    Adding insult to injury, video of the fire shows fireworks going off amidst the blaze.. As the flames spread, the fireworks, which were stored in the garage, started to explode in a decidedly un-festive display.
      Grand Blanc fire crews called in two other departments to help tame the inferno, but the garage was obliterated. By some fortune, the main house was mostly unharmed. Neither Burdette nor Tingley could be reached for comment.
      Luckily, no one was injured. Except, we assume, the wasps.