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Christie caught on beach he closed to public
01:59 - Source: CNN

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Pics of the New Jersey governor's beach outing are a Photoshop phenomenon

Christie appears in photos of intergalactic beaches, Forrest Gump's bench and the Oval Office

CNN  — 

There may not be a more American way to celebrate Independence Day than with a wave of Chris Christie memes.

The New Jersey governor spent time relaxing on the beach over the holiday weekend, which wouldn’t usually seem that out of the ordinary. But Christie had closed his state’s beaches to the public after the New Jersey government shut down two days earlier.

A journalist flew overhead and snapped some photos of the governor chilling on the shore with his family, completely alone on a sandy landscape devoid of other beachgoers.

And Twitter, land of the free and home of the country’s meme geniuses, knew exactly how to respond.

In one magnificent news cycle, the governor traveled across worlds and through time.

He sat in on “From Here to Eternity.” He witnessed D-Day.

He posed with other esteemed New Jerseyans who also enjoy hanging out down on the shore.

He joined the castaways on “Gilligan’s Island.”

He even journeyed to a beach in a galaxy far, far away, narrowly avoiding being sucked into a Sarlacc pit on Tatooine.

And the “Beachgate” governor was not constrained to the sandy backdrop.

A shrunken Christie made his way into an iconic Seinfeld episode.

He took a seat on Forrest Gump’s bench.

The governor even found himself in the White House, gazing longingly at Beltway bigwigs in an office he once campaigned for.

He made a stop at the scene of perhaps his biggest scandal, “Bridgegate.”

And, taking it to a new level of absurdity, Christie became a meme within a meme.

His meme’s moment in the spotlight will likely come to a close when the holiday does. But for now, it makes a worthy present for America’s birthday.