town hall anger
Town hall anger over health care bill
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Before we totally turn all of our attention to the upcoming administration, let’s take one long glance back at the outgoing one. Here’s what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.


So on to Plan B: Make changes to the bill, get a new (and hopefully more favorable) CBO score and have senators vote when they return from the July 4 break. But Plan B has its risks, too, because senators are sure to get an earful about the bill from the folks back home during those barbecues.

Just how involved will President Trump be in all of this? The Senate GOP leadership kind of kept him at arm’s length during the recent legislative drama. And while he did meet with GOP senators at the White House after McConnell pulled the bill, CNN’s Stephen Collinson has doubts Trump is up to the task of rallying everybody together to get what would be a significant win.

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Trump urging senators to rally behind health bill
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The attack works like this: Ransomware infects computers, locks down hard drives and demands $300 in Bitcoins from companies in return for their files. Just like last month’s WannaCry attack, the ransomware exploits holes in Microsoft Windows and is based on hacking tools stolen from the NSA

People walk past the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on July 31, 2017.
How to protect yourself from hackers
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3. Rod Rosenstein

Venezuela has been in chaos, with a melting-down economy, food shortages and protests. And Maduro is pushing for major changes to the country’s constitution that critics say could redefine his powers.

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Maduro: Helicopter attacked Supreme Court
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More officers charged in Laquan McDonald case
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5. North Korea


2 billion

That’s how many monthly users are now on Facebook worldwide.

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Mark Zuckerberg wants Internet for the world
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Not so lucky

She threw coins at a plane for good luck during the flight. Well, that didn’t work. One of them ended up in an engine and caused a five-hour flight delay.

The handmaids are here

You know the protests against the GOP health care bill are serious when ladies dressed like the women from “The Handmaid’s Tale” show up.

health care protest Handmaid's Tale 0627

Oh, say can you sing

Going to sing the national anthem of the Philippines? You’d better get it right, because lawmakers are debating a bill that would fine singers who lack “fervor.”

Hold it together

Prada is selling a paper clip – just one, mind you – for $185. The internet responded appropriately.



Let’s take a relaxing ride on the beach on a roller coaster made of Legos. (Click to view)