"Wonder Woman" has apparently inspired changes in kids in one kindergarten class.
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"Wonder Woman" has apparently inspired changes in kids in one kindergarten class.

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A Tumblr post of kindergartners' 11 reactions to "Wonder Woman" has charmed the Internet

One little boy has asked his parents for a Wonder Woman lunchbox

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For one kindergarten class, “Wonder Woman” is already changing the way they view the world.

Patty Jenkins, who directed the blockbuster movie, recently shared a list of how it’s affected youngsters at one school. In 11 bullet points, the original author detailed the reactions of kindergartners in her class in the days after “Wonder Woman premiered.

“I work at a kindergarten and this is a collection of cute Wonder Woman related things that happened within a week of the movie being released,” the post begins.

Among them:

  • “On Monday, a boy who was obsessed with Iron Man told me he had asked his parents for a new Wonder Woman lunchbox.”
  • “A little girl said, ‘When I grow up I want to speak hundreds of languages like Diana.’”
  • “A boy threw his candy wrapping in the floor and a 5-year-old girl screamed ‘DON’T POLLUTE YOU IDIOT, THAT IS WHY THERE ARE NO MEN IN TEMYSCIRA [sic].’”

The post originated with a Tumblr user named Kassel, a 20-year-old who works with children at the unnamed school. Her post has received over 87,000 notes on Tumblr, while Jenkins’ tweet about it has more than 48,000 retweets and 107,000 likes.

Wonder Woman herself – actress Gal Gadot – also retweeted the list, calling it “powerful” and saying it gave her even more reason to work on a second “Wonder Woman” movie.

In a follow-up to her first Tumblr post, Kassel wrote, “This post has been getting a lot of attention and I just couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much to everyone that has sent me kind words and messages.”

She’s also received “a lot of backlash,” she said, without offering further details.

“What makes the impact of Wonder Woman so amazing is that even without these children actually watching the movie, it has changed the way they play games, the way they view superheroes, the way they interact with each other,” she wrote.

“This is why female-led films are so important. Because media shapes the environment in which children grow up.”

In less than three weeks “Wonder Woman” has earned an estimated $274 million in North American theaters and is already the third-most-viewed movie of 2017.