Video captures the confusion and the fear of the Alexandria shooting spree

alexandria rep scalise shooting cell phone video noah nathan vo_00054520
alexandria rep scalise shooting cell phone video noah nathan vo_00054520


    Bystander captures moment shots ring out


Bystander captures moment shots ring out 05:48

(CNN)It was clear to Noah Nathan that something wasn't right when he first heard the noise.

It sounded like a gunshot -- an uncommon sound in the quiet, suburban community of Alexandria, Virginia.
It was Wednesday morning and Nathan was out walking his dog when he passed by the baseball diamond where the Republican Congressional baseball team was practicing.
Nathan started filming, and what the video captures the horror of the shooting spree: shot after shot ringing out. The agonizing wait for medics to arrive. The confusion. The fear.
    "Where is this guy?" Nathan yells toward the start of the video.
    The booming gunshots continue, the gaps between them deafeningly silent. Police begin yelling.
    Car horns blare. Police officers, now with a better understanding of the situation, yell directions to each other.
    Nathan asks, "Do we know where he's at?"
    "He's behind home plate," a voice answers.
    Gunshots continue.
    Congressmen who were at the practice later told CNN how painfully slow time seemed to pass as bullets whizzed around them.
    This video gives a frightening glimpse into those moments.
    "The guy that's been shot, is he okay?" Nathan calls out. "Is anyone talking to him?"
    That man lying in the outfield is believed to be Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise. The Louisiana congressman is currently in critical condition after surgery.
    More gunfire. More yelling.
    A bullet ricochets, sending a buzzing noise across the field.
    Finally, after another hail of bullets — silence. It's been almost five minutes.
    Immediately, an individual in what appears to be a red jersey runs to Rep. Scalise's side.
    Nathan immediately gave his cell phone with the video to police, just in case it would help in their investigation.