How a simple note could get you out of a parking ticket

(CNN)Let's face it: Getting a parking ticket is the absolute worst, and most people will do anything to avoid one.

But after a long night, one driver in Wausau, Wisconsin, figured a parking ticket was worth the risk, instead of driving home from a metered lot.
The driver, to avoid the dreaded yellow slip, left a note pleading with police officers to "take pity."
    "Please take pity on me," the note said, "I walked home ... Safe choices. =)"
    Jim Hellrood, the officer who came across the car, decided to give in to the request.
    "Pity granted, just a warning," said the ticket left on the car. "$00.00."
    In a Facebook post Monday, the police department wrote Hellwood "can appreciate people making safe choices, and a good sense of humor."