GOP senator: 'Most of us are not paying any attention' to 'overblown' Trump, Russia investigation

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  • "So, yeah, this is just wildly overblown and fortunately most of us are not paying any attention," Toomey said.
  • The Pennsylvania senator also called the Comey hearing a "sideshow."

(CNN)Republican Sen. Pat Toomey said Tuesday called the investigation into possible collusion between members of Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia "overblown" and said he isn't paying much attention to it.

"I have seen that (Sen.) Dianne Feinstein has stated to her credit -- liberal Democrat who has been on the intelligence committee for I don't know, for decades I think -- she has acknowledged that there is absolutely no evidence of any collusion anywhere," Toomey said on the Chris Stigall Show on WPHT radio. "(Sen.) Mark Warner has said, the Democrat from Virginia, has said the exact same thing. (Former FBI Director) James Comey told us at the hearing that the President himself is not the subject of investigation.
"That's because nobody has found any evidence that suggests that he should be the subject of an investigation. So, yeah, this is just wildly overblown and fortunately most of us are not paying any attention."
    The Pennsylvania senator said he thought the Senate intelligence committee should stick to its initial mission of investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election and called the Comey hearing a "sideshow."
    "My time is probably 70% dedicated towards trying to reach an agreement that works on Obamacare repeal and replace, maybe 20% on the tax reform that I want to do immediately after we get Obamacare, and maybe 10% on all the other miscellaneous that come across my desk, and very, very close to zero on Trump and Russia," Toomey added.
    He continued, "Now I understand if you're on the intelligence committee, you don't have any choice but to deal with it because you have people like Comey coming in and you have to deal with that testimony. I'm not on that committee. I'm all about doing the big things that we promised the American people."