Christie teases Yankee fans, talks Bryan Adams in sports talk radio gig

Christie will work in private sector, not W.H.
Christie will work in private sector, not W.H.


    Christie will work in private sector, not W.H.


Christie will work in private sector, not W.H. 01:14

Story highlights

  • Chris Christie was a guest host on WFAN's "Boomer & Carton" show Monday
  • Christie took some ribbing from Yankees fans and discussed the New York sports scene with ease

Washington (CNN)New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's name has echoed through the DC rumor mill amid speculation over a White House staff shakeup. But perhaps there's another post-gubernatorial gig awaiting him: sports talk radio host.

The brash governor appeared on WFAN's "Boomer & Carton" show Monday morning alongside hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton. Christie, who has appeared on sports talk radio before, displayed all the tools of a good sports talk radio host as he jousted for four hours with guys like "Vinny from the Bronx" and others about New York Yankees phenom Aaron Judge, the New York Mets and even Bryan Adams concerts.
Here's a look at some of the highlights:

    Yankees vs. Mets

    It's been a difficult season so far for the Mets, of whom Christie is a big fan. The Yankees, meanwhile, are off to a roaring start -- as a series of callers reminded the governor.
    After one listener told him the Mets taking over New York as the city's top team is "never going to happen," even the New Jersey governor had to acknowledge the Bronx Bombers' success.
    "I don't understand, all I've done is say nice things about the Yankees, I so admire the Yankees," Christie began.
    "You're just talking positive," the caller replied.
    "They're 14 games above .500 and Aaron Judge has had the best 85 games -- listen, I'm not going to pretend I'm a Yankee fan, because I'm not, but as an objective observer of baseball, the Yankees have had an extraordinary first 60 games, and I'm looking forward to even better baseball to come, and Aaron Judge is -- has had the best 85 games of anybody I can remember, and I just hope for all you Yankees fans, that this run just continues," Christie said.

    Aaron Judge

    Judge, the Yankees' right fielder, currently leads all of baseball with 21 home runs and has led the Yankees back to contention. He was pretty much the only thing New York sports fans wanted to talk about -- and Christie was quick to scoff at their breathless anticipation.
    "Aaron Judge is the greatest player in baseball today and he may, in fact, be the greatest player of all time," Christie scoffed.
    "It's the early stages," Esiason said.
    "It's the early stages," agreed Christie, who then got in another jab at the Yankees.
    "Did they retire his number already? Because that's what the Yankees do, right? Did he get a monument?" Christie joked.
    "Not yet," Esiason said.

    Yankees fan heckle

    That didn't placate Yankees fans, who reveled in roasting the governor.
    "Good morning Craig -- not good morning to you, Mr. Governor. I don't appreciate this Yankee nonsense," one caller said.
    "What do you mean nonsense?" Christie said. "I'm saying nothing but nice things about the Yankees."
    "I understand that you're upset that your Mets are irrelevant ..."
    "I'm not upset at all. I don't understand why you can't accept the fact that I'm observing the Yankees, saying wonderful things about them, wishing all the best for Aaron Judge and (catcher) Gary Sanchez and all the rest," he said.

    Bryan Adams: Good or not?

    At one point, a caller chimed in to complain to Christie about the security policies outside PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey, suggesting that more security "wands" were needed to reduce lines at the entrance. Christie said he'd look into it -- and then revealed he would be attending an upcoming show.
    CARTON: "Ugh. Really?"
    CHRISTIE: "Yeah."
    CARTON: "What is that, like you're paying off a bet or something?"
    CHRISTIE: "You know, that's not nice."
    CARTON: "I'm just asking."
    CHRISTIE: "I mean, do we need to go through how many great songs Bryan Adams has had over the years?"
    CARTON: "Yeah, but like, what bet did you lose that you're going there Friday night?"
    CHRISTIE: "I didn't lose a bet, I'm taking -- you know, my wife is very, very happy about going."
    Christie, who is serving the final year of his term, has been rumored as a dark-horse candidate to replace broadcasting legend Mike Francesa on WFAN when he retires at the end of the year.
    Francesa has addressed the Christie speculation, according to The Star-Ledger, noting that the New Jersey governor "likes sports, he likes to talk. He is obviously very comfortable behind a microphone. You could see him doing a sports show."