A younger Gavel, presumably exhausted from being the most adorable doggo in Australia, plops on the ground.
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Fierce. Tough. A strong nose.

These are just a few qualities you’d expect out of a good police dog. And while Gavel, the almost-police-dog, may have had a stellar sniffer, he was just a little too … nice.

The German shepherd moved in last year with Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey as a 6-week-old pup, when his dreams of becoming the next great Australian police dog were still intact.

But the good boy was just too good. When the floof reported for duty, the Queensland Police Service Dog Squad didn’t think Gavel displayed the “necessary aptitude” for the world of canine crime-fighting.

Puppy Gavel poses for a picture on May 18, 2016.

He was kicked out of training.

But he landed an even better title: official “Vice-Regal Dog” at the governor’s house.

Instead of sniffing out suspicious activity, Gavel now serves his country by welcoming guests and tour groups.

The doggo-in-chief even gets to crash some fancy ceremonies. He made his first official appearance at a Government House citizenship ceremony in February, when he gave 24 new citizens from 13 countries a warm welcome (presumably in exchange for a belly rub or two).

Gavel poses for an official portrait with Governor of Queensland Paul de Jersey and Kaye de Jersey.

Gavel’s come a long way from the tiny pupperino that wobbled into the Government House more than a year ago. Since then, he’s outgrown four ceremonial coats, the governor’s office shared on Facebook.

He now proudly wears a new, custom-made coat, complete with a flag, crown and the official bird emblem of Queensland.