The best maple syrup taffy in Montreal

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    Nature's natural sweetener


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(CNN)In the Canadian city of Montreal, maple syrup is a culinary staple.

Here, you might find syrup in Canadian classics such as poutine -- French fries smothered in cheese curds and sweet syrup -- and taffy -- where maple syrup meets frozen snow.
Taffy is one of Montreal's most iconic concoctions, made from sap from Canadian maple trees.
This sap is sourced via eco-friendly vacuum systems, boiled into syrup, drizzled onto frozen snow and placed on a cocktail stick.
    The result is a popular sweet treat for Montrealers, found in sugar shacks across the region.
    These shacks don't just serve food, they are where the transformation from sap to syrup takes place.

    Why taffy is a classic

    Snow meets maple syrup: a delicious combination.
    Pied de Cochon is a sugar shack that combines tradition with creativity.
    Television chef Martin Picard owns the restaurant, which is renowned for indulgent and innovative dishes.
    Most of Picard's fare uses maple syrup as their key ingredient:
    "It's unique [...] It's something that you cannot find anywhere in the world," the chef tells CNN.
    Picard's shack serves up decadent dishes such as foie gras poutine, but he says taffy -- because of its simplicity -- remains a firm favorite.
    Au Pied de Cochon
    536 Avenue Duluth Est, Montreal, QC H2L 1A9
    Tel: + 1 514 281 1114

    Into the woods

    You can also get your taffy fix at Sucerie de la Montagne: a veritable cabin in the woods, roughly an hour's drive from Montreal city center.
    Dating from the 1940s, this venue also hosts a pancake dinner buffet -- and you can have your wedding reception there.
    Closer to the urban center is Terrasse Nelligan.
    The rooftop terrace offers a stunning view of Montreal and taffy-based cocktails.
    Kiosque Mont-Royal is another urban option: it's a market selling an array of fruit and veg during the off-season, before it transforms into a sugar shack come February.
    You can grab your taffy on the go on your way into the neighboring metro station.
    Sucerie de la Montagne
    300, Chemin St-Georges, Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0
    Tel: +1 450 451 0831
    Terrasse Nelligan
    106 Saint-Paul West, 5th floor, Old Montréal, QC H2Y 1Z3
    Tel. +1 514 788 4021
    Kiosque Mont-Royal
    482 Mont Royal E, Montreal, QC H2J 1W1
    Tel. +1 514 281 7537