Dogs at polling stations bring joy to UK election

This Staffordshire Terrier is voting for more biscuits, longer walks and bigger parks.

(CNN)British voters are heading to the polls to exercise their democratic rights -- and their dogs.

Polling stations opened early Thursday to gray skies, at the end of what has been a bruising seven-week election campaign for many.
All over the UK, Britons have been playing up to their twin stereotypes of adoring dogs and having a quirky sense of humor, using the hashtag #DogsAtPollingStations to show off their pooches at the polls.
    Diesel the dog was an early riser.
    And unlike some British voters, the rain didn't stop this Golden Retriever from heading to the polls.
    While this dog showed us what it thought about the election.
    George the dog is standing up for his rights.
    Phoebe the pug didn't know which "pawty" to vote for.
    Dogs Hagrid, Hermionie and Bertie made some political predictions.
    Even Brian Bilston, Twitter's unofficial poet laureate took part, writing a short ode to the dogs and their owners:
    Dogs weren't the only furry friends joining in the fun. Cats, rats and horses all tried to steal the limelight.
    But dogs dominated the day.
    Dogs Trust UK, which teamed up with Twitter for the occasion, posted some tips for dog owners.
      Sadly, not all dogs got to participate. Holly the Collie's owner opted for a postal vote.
      Don't worry, Holly, with three general elections and two referendums in the UK in the past seven years, your next chance to be part of the #DogsAtPollingStations could come sooner than you think.