What your voicemails tell us about the future of the UK

(CNN)The United Kingdom is having something of an identity crisis.

Having narrowly voted for Brexit last year, the UK is in the midst of redefining not only its relationship with Europe, but also itself.
Then throw into the mix a general election, called just a month and a half ago. The Conservative Party, currently in power under Prime Minister Theresa May, hopes to increase its majority in Parliament. The opposition Labour Party wants to oust them. And the centrist Liberal Democrats have positioned themselves as the anti-Brexit party, hoping to give voters a second chance on their European Union decision.
It's a confusing and deeply divisive time for Britons. To help make sense of it all, we asked you to leave us a voicemail telling us your hopes for the UK and its place in the world. Here's what you said. (Some messages have been edited for length and clarity.)

    The UK should retain its position as a responsible international player. Brexit has put that situation in doubt.

    Phillipa has worked abroad in developing countries, and says