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Ed Sheeran made his Carpool Karaoke debut Tuesday during Corden's London show

The singer talked about his commitment to not owning a cell phone

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Ed Sheeran made his “Carpool Karaoke” debut on Tuesday with James Corden and it turns out there’s a lot we didn’t know about the Grammy winner.

The two belted out hits like “Sing,” “Love Yourself” and “Castle on the Hill” while Sheeran treated viewers to one of his hidden talents.

The singer showed Corden that he could stuff 55 Maltesers, a British version of the Whoppers candy, in his mouth at once. Now that’s talent.

Sheeran confirmed during the carpool ride that he still does not own a cell phone. The singer told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year that he ditched his phone in favor of an iPad. Sheeran expounds on that decision with Corden in between songs.

“I’d wake up every morning and there would be like 50 messages and none of them would say ‘hey, how are you doing?’” he said. “It’d be like, ‘Can I have this? Can you lend me this? Can you do this? Can I get this?’ and it was fine at the beginning but then it just got really really draining.”

One of the best revelations was Sheeran’s story about a golf outing with Justin Bieber that went awry.

“[Bieber] put a golf ball in his mouth and said, ‘Go on, hit it out!’ And I was pretty hammered. And then I was like, ‘Focus, focus, focus. You can’t hit him.’ I cracked him across the face. He was actually really cool about it.’”

Corden is hosting three nights of his “Late Late Show” from London this week. In Tuesday night’s opening, Corden issued a message of hope and defiance against acts terror in the wake of Saturday’s attack in London.