Quickly catch up on the day's news: Monday, June 5

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed on CNN today:

-- President Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to underscore the need for a travel ban (yes, he's calling it a "travel ban" and nothing else), and called on the Justice Department to get an expedited hearing of the "watered down" version to the Supreme Court. Kellyanne Conway's husband had this to say about Trump's tweets. A White House aide told CNN's Chris Cuomo the President's tweets are not policy.
-- British police identified two of the three men behind Saturday night's terror attack. Trump again lashed out at London's mayor.
-- Four Gulf states have have cut ties with Qatar in the worst diplomatic crisis to hit the region in decades.
    -- A disgruntled fired employee shot and killed five people at a business in Orlando, Florida, before turning the gun on himself.
    -- Two people have been arrested in connection with the December fire at Oakland's Ghost Ship warehouse that killed 36.
    -- At least 10 incoming Harvard freshmen are learning the hard way the lesson on being mindful of what you post on the Internet.
    -- Where should babies sleep? Not with mom and dad if they want their little one to sleep for longer stretches, a new study says.
    -- Horsey McHorseface not only wins best name in horse racing, but also his maiden race in Australia.