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Witness: 'I thought it was game over'
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Seven people were killed and 48 wounded when three attackers drove a van into pedestrians on a bridge in central London Saturday night before producing knives and going on a stabbing rampage.

Witnesses described the horror and panic that ensued during the chaos surrounding the attack.

Here are some of their accounts, along with other moments from London’s eight minutes of terror.

‘I heard a boom behind me’

A witness who was at the London Bridge during the attack describes the scene as the van mowed down pedestrians, saying he saw a person jump off the bridge into the River Thames to escape.

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Witness: Someone jumped off bridge into water

Van ‘knocked someone nearly 20 feet in the air’

Mark Roberts, who was on London Bridge during the attack, describes the van’s path as it careened across the bridge.

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Witness: Van hit pedestrians on bridge

‘They’re stabbing everyone’

Eyewitnesses recall what they saw and heard as the attack happened.

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Witnesses saw bodies 'flipped into the air'

Bar patrons scramble for safety

Chaos erupts in a bar near London Bridge as police yell for patrons to take cover.

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Bar patrons scramble, take cover

‘I thought it was game over’

A witness describes the terror he felt while he was barricaded in a bathroom in London’s Borough Market.

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Witness: 'I thought it was game over'

‘They shot them down’

Photographer Gabriele Sciotto describes the moment armed police officers shot and killed the three attackers.

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The man who photographed the London attackers

Dashcam video shows chaos after the attack

Footage from a vehicle’s dashcam shows the chaotic scene on London Bridge moments after a van drove into a group of pedestrians.

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Dashcam video shows chaos after London attack

‘I would not say London is the safest city at this moment’

CNN speaks to Londoners after the attack. Many are afraid but remain resilient.

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London: Resilience and fear