02:30 - Source: CNN
Van Jones: Sean Spicer, the incredible shrinking man
CNN  — 

As the spotlight illuminating Sean Spicer’s missteps and shortcomings grows brighter, Van Jones surmised Friday that the President’s press secretary has begun to fade into a dimmer and weaker version of himself.

“What you’re seeing is Sean Spicer as the incredible shrinking man,” proclaimed CNN’s political commentator.

Jones’ comments come in the wake of a news briefing in which Spicer, a man tabbed to speak for Donald Trump, seemed unable to do so.

“I have not had an opportunity to have that discussion,” said Spicer on Friday, as the media clamored for information on the day’s most talked-about topic: climate change, and Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord.

For a figure who, said Jones, was once “full of bluster and energy,” one wonders if his days at the podium – when he chooses to appear at it – are numbered.

Even CNN’s Jeanne Moos opted to turn Spicer’s struggles into one of her trademark tongue-in-cheek satirical spoofs, calling upon everyone from Melissa McCarthy and “Saturday Night Live” to Trevor Noah and Steve Colbert.

Jones, meanwhile, maintains that at this point Spicer has been put out “as a pinata for the press,” possibly with a nearing expiration date.

“The incredible shrinking Sean Spicer,” Jones reiterated, adding “I hope they put him out of his misery.”