Big Sur landslide adds 13 acres to California coastline

(CNN)Big Sur has gotten even bigger, because of a May 20 landslide.

That movement of 1 million tons of rock caused a lot of problems, such as making an important road impassable, but it also added some land to this highly scenic spot, the US Geologic Survey said in a Facebook post.
So, exactly how big was the landslide?
Using before-and-after aerial images and analysis, the USGS came up with these answers:
    --13 acres of land was created.
    --800 Olympic-sized swimming pools could be filled with the dirt (If that's something you're inclined to do).
    --65 feet of dirt covered Highway 1, known as the Pacific Coast Highway.
    The highway already was closed at that spot -- it has been closed almost continuously since January -- and at a few other points along the dozens of miles of Big Sur coast because of landslides caused by unusually heavy winter and spring rains.
    The section is 1 mile southeast of the small community of Gorda, about 60 miles south of Monterey. Authorities haven't put out a timetable for when the road will be cleared.