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President Trump's 71st birthday is June 14

Each week in June, we'll take a look back at presidential birthday memories

Nancy Reagan surprised President Reagan in this photo from 1983

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President Donald Trump’s 71st birthday is June 14. In light of that, and as a break from all of the heavy news of the last few weeks, this month our #TBT series will be looking back at White House birthdays and the presidents who celebrated them.

In the photo above, you can see President Ronald Reagan standing at a lectern in the White House, looking very serious. Enter Nancy Reagan, stage right, with a birthday cake, a mischievous smile and what looks like a single candle — 71 too few, but we’ll assume that the Secret Service probably didn’t want the President to be in close proximity to that much fire.

The love story between former actors Nancy and Ronald Reagan is the stuff of a Hollywood movie script, but this single frame says more than 1,000 words about the couple. Can you imagine how hard it is to plan a surprise for the leader of the free world?

The photo was taken on February 4, 1983, two days before the President’s 72nd birthday. First lady Melania Trump is going to have to bring her A-game to top this surprise for Trump’s 72nd next year.

Before Trump took office in 2017, Reagan was the oldest man to take the presidential oath of office, clocking in at 69-years-old for his first inauguration in 1981.

Reagan marked eight birthdays during his time in the White House. He died in 2004 at the age of 93.