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At one point in the video, Woods walks away, then returns saying, "What are we doing?"

Another video shows Woods' Mercedes stopped partly on road, partly in bike lane

CNN —  

Dashcam video showing Tiger Woods’ Memorial Day encounter with police was made available to the media Wednesday, shedding more light on the golfer’s arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

One recording shows a Jupiter, Florida police officer giving Woods a field sobriety test. Before they start, Woods puts his right foot on the hood of the officer’s car, and spends some time tying his shoe. Woods is wearing shorts, a dark hat and a light-colored shirt.

At one point the officer asks him, “Are you alright?” then tells him he can do the tests without shoes.

Woods then walks unsteadily through the frame. He returns to begin the tests.

The officer asks him if he has been drinking, and he says no.

When asked whether he had been taking medications, he says yes and the officer asks which ones. Woods’ answer is muted in the recording.

The officer performs a test in which he asks Woods to follow a red light with his eyes.

He moves the light but stops and says, “You’re not even looking at the light.”

Woods tells the officer he is.

“I’m following the light,” Woods says, his words running together.