What people in every state have trouble spelling

(CNN)Google Trends just released the most misspelled word for every state, and --

Oh, dear. Wisconsin, are you OK?
Granted, this data was compiled from searches that started "how to spell..." so maybe Wisconsinites spell check "Wisconsin" a lot to -- settle arguments? Clear up accent-related misunderstandings? Seems like a reach.
While Wisconsin deals with its identity crisis, let's baselessly judge the rest of the United States for their hilarious (or sometimes completely understandable) spelling problems.

    The ones with no excuses

    New Mexico: Banana
    That is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
    North Carolina: Angel
    You just know people try to spell it "angle."
    Rhode Island: Liar
    Are they confusing it with the instrument or...?
    Idaho: Quote
    How do you mess up "quote"?
    Mississippi: Nanny
    You'd think Mississippians would have a handle on their double letters.
    Hawaii: People
    South Dakota: College

    The ones that are completely understandable

    Iowa: Vacuum
    In a thousand years, humanity will have reached the singularity, cured cancer and perfected interdimensional travel and we'll all still be trying to spell "vacuum" with two c's.
    South Carolina, Arkansas: Chihuahua
    Georgia: Gray
    50 Shades of Grey. Gray's Anatomy (the textbook). Grey's Anatomy (the show). It's confusing, man.
    New Hampshire: Diarrhea
    Prayers up for New Hampshire.
      West Virginia, Connecticut: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious