Quickly catch up on the day's news: Wednesday, May 31

James Comey prepares to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington on May 3, 2017.

(CNN)Everything is covfefe today. Here's what else you might have missed on CNN:

-- Former FBI Director James Comey will testify as early as next week about accusations that President Donald Trump pressured him to end his investigation into a top Trump aide's ties to Russia.
-- The President is expected to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.
-- The internet exploded (as the internet often does) when Trump sent an unfinished tweet with a new word (read: typo) "covfefe." Chris Cillizza writes on why "covfefe" tells you everything you need to know about Trump. Al Franken offered this Yiddish translation.
    -- CNN has fired Kathy Griffin one day after photos were released of the comedian that showed her holding up a bloody head resembling that of Trump. Griffin begged for forgiveness for the gruesome images. The President and Melania Trump responded with strong words about the photo.
    -- An explosion killed at least 90 people and left 400 injured in a diplomatic area in Afghanistan.
    -- The suspect in the stabbing deaths of two people on a Portland train faces nine charges, including two counts of aggravated murder which carry a maximum penalty of death.
    -- The US Embassy will likely stay in Tel Aviv.
    -- The maker of the EpiPen is lavishing a top executive with an eye-popping pay package. (You remember the price hikes last summer that made Mylan the face of corporate greed.)
      -- JetBlue will test facial recognition for boarding.
      -- Here comes the sun: NASA's first mission to the sun's atmosphere is set to begin the summer of 2018.