Fake teen doctor sentenced in fraud case

Malachi Love-Robinson was arrested in September 2016 on fraud charges.

Story highlights

  • Malachi Love-Robinson had previously been accused of impersonating a doctor and of larceny
  • Love-Robinson tried to get an elderly woman to co-sign for a Jaguar with him

(CNN)A man accused of practicing medicine without a license when he was a teenager in Florida is going to prison in Virginia on fraud charges.

Malachi Love-Robinson, now 20, made headlines last year after he was arrested at a medical office for allegedly dispensing unlicensed medical care. An undercover officer went to the practice and reported that Love-Robinson physically examined him and gave him medical advice, the Palm Beach County Sheriff said.
Also last year, Love-Robinson was arrested on suspicion of fraud and larceny after he was accused of using one of his clients' checking accounts to pay off $34,000 in car payments, authorities said.
    In September, in Stafford County, Virginia, he was accused of fraud for try