Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN)Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here are some pieces you may have missed in a busy news week:

Some say this popular weed killer causes cancer

Christine Sheppard is one of more than 800 cancer patients suing Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, claiming the company failed to warn consumers about a risk of cancer from the weed killer. Monsanto insists Roundup is safe. (Story by Holly Yan, photographs by John Francis Peters)

Venezuela: Where supplies are few and pain is everywhere

    05.venezuela undercover girl bowl
    A lack of food, of medicine, even water is hurting the most vulnerable in Venezuela. CNN went to see and report the impact on some of the country's children. (By Nick Paton Walsh and Marilia Brocchetto)

    The gift of time: Life before death

    Many parents hand down lessons around the dinner table or while chauffeuring their children from activity to activity. This woman's parents shared their most powerful wisdom as they were dying. (Photographs by Nancy Borowick, story by Katherine Dillinger)

    Faced with slaughter they fled, now their safe haven teeters on the brink

    Uganda now has the unenviable distinction of hosting the world's largest refugee camp. But the settlement, with a population of 272,000 refugees, is just part of the story. (By Brent Swails and Farai Sevenzo)

    Fitted tees, shorty shorts: Sending the wrong message to girls?

    The fitted nature of young girls' clothing could negatively impact their self-esteem, two female entrepreneurs say. (By Kelly Wallace)

    From the Opinion section:

    Costello: Heroin addicts are your problem

    Carol Costello writes in response to those who ask, why should my tax dollars pay for rehab for heroin addicts?

      Ifill: DeVos has a lot to learn about education and race