Quickly catch up on the day's news: Wednesday, May 17

Pfc. Chelsea Manning, a transgender soldier, was freed on Wednesday.

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed on CNN today:

-- President Donald Trump, amid his own swirling controversies, bemoaned the media during the United States Coast Guard Academy graduation, saying "No politician in history ... has been treated worse or more unfairly."
-- Congress is once again figuring out how to handle the latest Trump crisis. House Speaker Paul Ryan still expressed confidence in his commander in chief while one representative called from the House floor for Trump's impeachment. Sen. John McCain weighed in, saying the Russia investigation is reaching the point "of Watergate size," and Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he is readying his "subpoena pen" for the Comey memo.
-- Russia offered to step into the fray and clear things up with the transcript of Trump's meeting with the country's foreign minister.
    -- Dozens of MS-13 gang members were nabbed in more than 40 Los Angeles raids.
    -- Chelsea Manning, the former Army analyst who was convicted of leaking classified information and whose sentence was commuted by President Obama, was released from prison.
    -- Japanese Princess Mako is giving up her royal status for love...
    -- ... but in Texas, a man is suing his date for texting during a movie.
    -- Elsewhere in the Lone Star State, Dallas school police used handcuffs to restrain a 7-year-old boy.
    -- Male rompers? Yeah, they're a thing.