Beirut gay pride event a first for Lebanon

Beirut Pride bracelets are being distributed as part of this week's campaign.

(CNN)The first ever gay pride event is taking place this week in Lebanon, a country where homosexual acts are still considered a crime.

Instead of the usual gay pride parades seen in the West, Beirut Pride will include an exhibition on gender fluidity in fashion as well as a storytelling get-together centered on coming-out stories and a gay-themed party in one of the Middle East's biggest night clubs.
Several anti-homophobia events and demonstrations have taken place in Lebanon in recent years, but activists are hailing Beirut Pride as a "first".
"This is definitely a big milestone. I'm very excited that this is happening," said Diana Abou Abbas, a member of the queer community since its genesis more than 15 years ago and manager at Beirut sexual-health center Marsa.
    The event could break significant ground, just as a recent online and television advertisement did by featuring a lesbian couple. One of Lebanon's oldest and largest restaurant chains, Crepaway, commissioned the ad -- a first for Lebanese advertising -- "to include people we see everywhere around us," its head of communications Mario Thoumy told CNN.
    A still from Crepaway's new advert.
    Crepaway received an outpouring of support after the ad ran. "Now we realize more and more how much this has affected people who needed someone to give them attention or respect," Thoumy