Syria, Venezuela, FGM: The stories you missed this week

National Guard personnel in Venezuela charge toward demonstrators during a protest against President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, on May 10, 2017.

(CNN)Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here are some pieces you may have missed in a busy news week:

Gasping for life: Syria's merciless war on its own children

In a CNN exclusive report, video footage of the aftermath of the recent chemical attack in Syria reveals the unsanitized view of what happened that day. (By Clarissa Ward, Waffa Munayyer, Salma Abdelaziz, and Fiona Sibbett) Editor's note: This story contains extremely graphic images of dead children.

Daughter, father, future doctor: Victims of unrest in Venezuela

    Violence and unrest are tearing Venezuela apart. Lost somewhere in the spray of bullets and fog of tear gas are the stories of the dead. Here are their stories. (By Paul P. Murphy)

    The alarming rise of female genital mutilation in America

    Protesters demonstrate against female genital mutilation, on January 23, 2007 at the Nairobi World Social Forum venue in Kasarani, Nairobi, Kenya.
    Female genital mutilation involves altering or injuring female genital organs. Here's what you should know about the brutal practice that's inflicted on thousands of girls and women each year. (By Michelle Krupa, graphics by India Hayes)

    From the Opinion section:

    Teaching self-esteem

    Lovely Hoffman, a Boston area educator who wrote a song and recorded a video of it with her students to help them find self-confidence, writes about the need for teachers and schools to help children build self-esteem and develop character.

    What we could learn from the breastfeeding Australian senator

    exp Senator makes history trnd new_00002001
    Jill Filipovic writes that Australian Senator Larissa Waters is making headlines by breastfeeding her infant daughter in Australia's Parliament.

    Dolly Parton: I'm as proud of this as anything I've ever done

    Dolly Parton looks back on how she and many others have stepped up to help those affected by last fall's massive fires in Tennessee.