The author of Friday's NYT crossword? P-O-T-U-S 42

Bill Clinton would relax with The New York Times crossword puzzle even when he was Arkansas governor.

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  • Bill Clinton's crossword has a couple familiar messages
  • The former president is a noted crossword enthusiast

(CNN)What's seven letters, sometimes modified by the word "stupid" and particularly familiar to former President Bill Clinton?

It's the E-C-O-N-O-M-Y, stupid!
That phrase is among the clues included in The New York Times crossword puzzle on Friday, which was written by Clinton.
    The former president, who's a famed crossword enthusiast, collaborated with Arkansas district court judge and regular puzzle contributor Victor Fleming to create the puzzle. Fleming constructed the 15x15 grid with input from Clinton, who wrote most of the clues, according to puzzle editor Will Shortz.
    "When the judge proposed tweaks to certain clues, Mr. Clinton objected: 'Too easy and boring. Might as well print the answers in the puzzle,'" Shortz wrote.
    President Clinton, on Air Force One in 1997, with the crossword
    Clinton's love for the crossword was even featured in the 2006 documentary "Wordplay" about puzzle enthusiasts.
    "At some point in my life, we began to get the Sunday Times," Clinton said. "When I was president, I worked no telling how many hundreds and hundreds of crossword puzzles. I find it very relaxing. For a moment, you take your mind off whatever you're doing."
    Clinton's crossword is part of a "celebrity" series for the yearlong celebration of the Times puzzle's 75th anniversary, Shortz wrote in a note to readers.
    Aside from Clinton's 1992 campaign slogan, Friday's crossword is largely indistinguishable from any other from The New York Times.
    However, there is one Easter Egg -- or secret message -- in the puzzle, a combination of three different answers that forms the lyrics to Clinton's famous campaign tune. (For those who are curious and lazy, you can always just hit the "Reveal" button on the puzzle.)
    Clinton's last crossword puzzle for The New York Times ran on May 6, 2007. That puzzle was full of puns on famous songs, but updated for baby boomers. Think a new take on an Otis Redding classic "The Doc of the Day" and the 1972 feel-good tune, "I Can't See Clearly Now." (G-R-O-A-N).