Engaged doctors found dead in Boston
Engaged doctors killed, suspect in custody
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Two doctors are found dead in the penthouse of a luxury high-rise

Residents want to know how the killer bypassed the building security

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The slaying of two Boston doctors in their luxury penthouse apartment has left neighbors wondering how the killer was able to gain access to their building.

A resident meeting was called Wednesday night by the building manager, its private security and members of the Boston Police to address residents’ concerns in the wake of the gruesome homicide of their neighbors and friends.

“The room was packed with people. I think everyone showed up,” said one resident, who asked not to be identified.

The meeting, at times, was confrontational. Many residents of the high-end luxury condo unit asked how the suspect was able to gain access to the building.

They weren’t provided with any answers. Bampumim Teixeira, 30, has been arrested and charged in the killings.

“A couple people stormed out and left. They weren’t happy that no one was giving us any answers as to how he got in to the building,” the resident said.

The killings occurred on the 11th floor, or the penthouse, at 141 Dorchester Ave. in South Boston.

The apartment was owned by Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Lina Bolanos.

To gain access to the building, residents use a key fob at the front door. Should a guest arrive, a concierge alerts the residents.

The penthouse floor, which had two units, isn’t accessible to anyone in the building who doesn’t have a secondary elevator key, the resident said.

This second private key would be needed to gain access to the apartment from the elevator, the resident said.

The need for two keys to gain access to the floor has left residents questioning how Teixeira was able to get in the building.

Authorities are investigating whether Teixeira had access to these keys or whether he was able to gain access to the apartment in another manner.

The building manager entered the apartment where the killings had occurred and saw what was left of the crime scene, he told residents at the meeting.

As the manager began to describe seeing his friends apartment and all the blood on the floor he began to break down and cry and was unable to continue.

The manager, just like many of the residents in the building, were friends with Dr. Field and Bolanos.

“We all just want some answers. The police have reviewed the tapes, they obviously know how he got in. If there is an issue with our security, we need to address it quickly,” the resident said.