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The poll shows Trump's approval rating down

Trump's support among white people without a college degree went down 10 percentage points

Washington CNN  — 

A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday showed President Donald Trump’s approval rating back down following a bounce in mid-April.

The poll, taken May 4-9, pegged Trump’s approval at 36% compared to 58% who said they disapprove of his performance as President.

Nearly all interviews were done ahead of the news that Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday.

Trump’s support had ticked up to 40% in a mid-April poll taken after Trump authorized a missile attack on a Syrian air base in response to a chemical weapons attack the US said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad perpetrated on civilians, including babies.

The May poll showed Trump’s approval rating returning nearly to its previous position from a poll released April 4, when he earned a 35% approval rating.

Among subgroups, Trump lost significant support among white respondents without college degrees. This demographic has consistently been one of the stronger groups for Trump and is a rough picture of the white working class.

Though the poll was taken ahead of Comey’s firing, it did occur well after Trump’s 100th day in office and mostly after the House passed the Trump-endorsed health care bill on May 4. The same poll found only 21% of respondents said they approve of the bill compared to 56% who oppose it.

Quinnipiac’s polls have shown lower approval ratings for Trump compared to other polls. However, Gallup’s daily tracking poll had Trump’s approval at 38% as of Wednesday.

This poll was of 1,078 voters with a margin of error of +/-3 percentage points.