Donald Trump Jr. calls on Indiana Republicans to 'stay active'

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  • Donald Trump Jr. spoke to Indiana Republicans on Monday evening
  • He is the President's eldest son

(CNN)Donald Trump Jr. took an Indiana victory lap Monday, speaking at the state Republican party's spring dinner just more than one year after the state's primary propelled his father toward the presidential nomination.

The President's eldest son issued a call to action to the Indiana Republicans, noting that recent victories like his father's 2016 win, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and congressional GOP majorities have "reinvigorated" the Democratic party in recent months.
"We can't sit back on those victories, we have to stay active, because the one thing that I've seen is the other side, they've used this to reinvigorate their party," Trump said. "Now luckily for us, I think their message totally faulty and flawed. I don't think their message is particularly good or at all in touch with real Americans."
    Trump said he wasn't "sick of winning yet," subtly jabbing the Washington establishment in both parties.
    "We can't take majorities in the House and the Senate and say, 'Hey, they're always going to do what they want,' because most of them, on both sides, are still in that DC mindset that I think my father will break," he said.
    Trump, who is running the Trump Organization with brother Eric, has maintained a high profile in the political realm since his father took office, making a variety of political appearances, including a March speech to the Dallas County GOP and campaigning for Montana Republican House candidate Greg Gianforte last month.
    He'll return to Montana with Gianforte -- who is running in a May special election for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's seat -- on Thursday.
    The President's son has said he is open to the possibility of seeking office in the future.
    "Maybe someday," he told the Associated Press last month. "It's not something I'm doing now. But you never know, it's fascinating stuff."
    On Monday, Trump praised the Hoosier State, noting that he spoke with both Vice President Mike Pence and basketball legend and Trump supporter Bobby Knight ahead of his Indianapolis speech.
    He also hit Gianforte's Montana opponent, Democratic House candidate Rob Quist, citing his record on guns and immigration.
    "I'm saying I think they're (the Democrats) still missing it. They didn't get the message during the election and they still don't get it today. But it's easy to run a flawed candidate if you're just throwing a lot of money at it," Trump said.